Fullord is a luxury fine jewellery brand created in 2019 by Sandrine Thibaud, it roots back to a specific need of its founder. Looking for a solution to keep her foulard in place, while outing on boats, she found out that there were neither fashionable nor practical options. Given that, she decided to combine her passion for jewellery with the practical need she was facing, giving birth to Fullord.

''Innovative and functional yet
glamorous and precious, Fullord perfectly solved the problem
in a beautiful and astonishing way giving new life to how a
simple scarf can be worn. With Fullord it became more than a
piece of fabric but an elegant and precious accessory.


Since the beginning it was obvious that Fullord was more than just a scarf holder and could become a universal trademark of elegance adapting to different cultures, crossing from East to West and both for women and man.