Introducing Fullord, a distinguished luxury fine jewellery brand established in 2019 by Sandrine Thibaud. The inception of Fullord traces back to a distinct necessity that resonated deeply with its founder. Striving to secure her scarf in place during boats outings, Sandrine encountered a void in the market—where practicality intersected with fashion. This sparked the idea to blend her love for jewellery with practical innovation, leading to the creation of the scarf ring known as “the Fullord”. This invention later led to the development of an entire jewelry collection.

"Innovative and functional, yet glamorous and precious, the Fullord elegantly solves the problem of scarf management, transforming a simple accessory into a statement of sophistication. With the Fullord, a scarf becomes more than fabric—it becomes an exquisite and precious adornment." explains Sandrine Thibaud.

Fullord redefined jewellery by pioneering and patenting and entirely novel jewel that marries the allure of gold and diamonds with practical functionality. From its inception, it was evident that the Fullord transcended the realm of a mere scarf ring, poised to become a global emblem of elegance, embracing diverse cultures and genders alike.


Brand DNA

Fullord narrates a tale of elegance and meticulous craftsmanship, weaving through epochs of adornment history. From the opulent necklaces gracing Egyptian pharaohs to the regal brooches adorning the women of the 13th century, and the resplendent scarves of the 19th century—Fullord emerges as the quintessence of 21st-century chic.

Fullord transcends the boundaries of a mere jewel, it embodies a distinct personality - an emblem of sophistication and grace.

The Fullord is more than a jewel, it is a personality.